‘Welcome to Bulwell’ archway

We’re super excited about seeing the Archway in production! Artist and fabricator Chris Campbell sent us this image yesterday and it’s amazing to see the archway come to life, having only looked at computer drawings and little models up to now. We are looking at an installation date in late October and can’t wait to see the finished archway in situ, welcoming people to Bulwell Market place!

One element yet to be decided is the acrylic infills in the pitwheel element of the design. Chris ran a family workshop during Bulwell Art Festival to encourage people to get creative and incorporate some colour into the designs.

You can see some of the workshop images here!



And here is the finished Archway, installed on Monday 30th October 2017!

Thank you to Chris Campbell, the Bulwell Councillors and representatives of Bulwell Arts Festival for making this idea a reality!