Connecting Outer Communities – Film Screenings

We are pleased to announce that the Connecting Outer Communities project is now under way with the appointment of John Offord, who is now working two days a week as the co-ordinator for the project. John has recently left the BBC where he has worked for the last 6 years in their outreach team.

The cinema pilot project will provide mentoring, training and support to local volunteers who are interested in delivering film screenings for the local community. We are currently confirming 5 venues that will each host 4 monthly cinema screenings between January and April 2017.

We want to support volunteers to provide a network of self-sustaining community film screenings in the North Nottinghamshire and Nottingham North areas.

The purpose of the project is to create a sense of local ownership and offer cinema experiences to new audiences. To find out more about the project contact John Offord  at

This project is funded by the British Film Institute with support from Broadway Cinema and Rebalancing Outer Estates.